Harbor Princess, Cap'n Fish's Whale WatchThe Harbor Princess

The newest addition to the Cap'n Fish's Fleet.

Capn Fishs Whale Watch FleetPink Lady

Pink Lady is a high-speed vessel designed and built by Lydia Custom Yachts for offshore ocean cruising comfort. She is very stable in any sea condition. Our vessels range from 78 to 100 feet in length, have large open-air decks to get the best possible view of the whales.

Our fleet features enclosed heated or air-conditioned cabins. We feature a full snack bar, large assortment of beverages, and carry a full liquor license.

Capn Fishs Whale Watch FleetWhale sightings are programmed into the ships computer guidance system to find them fast. Our ships carry the most modern electronics on the coast of Maine . The bridge features GPS, DGPS chart nav, computerized guidance system using maptech software, 48-mile radar, multiple communication systems to reach the mainland. Our fleet is USCG certified.






Fin Whale near Pink Lady II



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