We had a wonderful visit to Boothbay Harbor – Stayed at the Waterfront Inn.
17 years ago, my husband gave me a promise for a Whale Watch for my 50th Birthday.  We finally made if for our 40th Wedding Anniversary!  It was a wonderful trip.

Thank you very much,

Thank you very much!
Great impressions, unforgettable!
It makes one understand what the ocean world is and how much people are responsible for preserving it.
Hope to come again.

Cherivtsi, Ukraine

We had the best time EVER!  We saw so many sea creatures!  This was the best time we have had in Maine.
We had a “whale” of a time!!!

Secaucus, NJ

I have been on two other Whale Watching Trips in Maine, and this one was the BEST by far.  Coming from dry Arizona, seeing the giants of the sea made my vacation wonderful.

Casa Grande, AZ

An amazing trip.  Good description of whales.  The captain did a great job positioning the boat for the best possible view of the whales.  Very knowledgeable and friendly captain and crew.  An all round great trip.

Flagler Beach, FL

Great trip this time around.
Came back again with our FREE tickets, this time we saw LOTS of whales.
Thanks again.

Innisfil, Ontario, Canada


Our trip was excellent!  We saw a variety of whales including Minke Fin and numerous Humpbacks.  At one point there were 5 or 6 in view!  We also had a close-up look at a Basking Shark.  The commentary was very interesting and well delivered.  I would recommend this trip to all!

Tuson, AZ

I have lived on the Coast of Maine for 45 years and Cap’n Fish’s Whale Watch is the finest treat the Coast has to offer!
The guide is extremely informative about the marine life, points of interest and generally interesting facts about the area and its history.
The boat is very comfortable with excellent visibility inside or out (even the windows were sparkling clean).
Hats off to Cap’n Fish & his crew!

Brunswick, ME

This is by far the best Maine Cruise I’ve been on.  Having lived in the state for 40 years, I’ve had the opportunity to sample many and most cruises offered.

Our captain displayed a good balance of knowledge of the ocean and its surroundings as well as the good old New England hospitality many of us in the region pride ourselves on.

The narrator spoke clearly and was happy to answer questions from the passengers.
A definite great value, and well worth the drive from Portland.

South Portland, ME

What a day we had on Sept. 2, 2008 with the Cap’n Fish’s Tours!  The captain is one of the most easy going men that I have ever been around.  The mates were friendly and informative.  I would go on this tour over and over again, in fact, this was my second whale watch  this year with Cap’n Fish’s.  We saw a Minke and several sightings of Finbacks, there were seals by the dozens and porpoise that played like popcorn on our “pond” we cal the Atlantic.  Add to that the ducks, and cormorants and misc. then it’s probably the best day that I have had in years.

I had a chance to speak with the young female biologist for awhile.  She’s so perfect and wants to learn and learn and learn some more so that she can work with her beloved whales.  I hope that she reached her goal and I hope that the Capn’ Fish’s Corp. does whatever it takes to help he3r accomplish her dreams.  She is a resource that our ocean needs desperately and someone that Cap’n Fish can be proud to sponsor.
I like and enjoyed everyone, but she won my Grandmother type heart.

Rumford, ME

I cannot thank you enough for the experience that my daughter and I had on your whale watch cruise.  First, what a friendly and informative crew.  We were fortunate enough to see a right whale mother and calf and I was able to capture a picture of one of these great creatures breaching as we approached them.  We watched them interact fro close to an hour and then they seemed to wave goodbye to us.  What a humbling experience – we can’t wait to go again!  Thank you again for the wonderful memories.

Rumford, ME


Dear Captain,
The Make-A-Wish Foundation® sincerely appreciates your contribution to Brooke Monday’s wish to visit Maine and learn about its culture and see the whales.  Discounted tickets for the family’s whale watching excursion was a wonderful enhancement to her wish.

Brooke had a wonderful and memorable wish experience in Maine and enjoyed the whale watching.  The family is very grateful to everyone who helped to make her wish come true.
Thank you for helping us bring smiles to children’s faces.

Norma Jean Gonzalez
Program Services Manager
Make-a Wish Foundation®

We boarded Cap’n Fish’s Pink Lady for a whale watch July 28.  Thought the morning was foggy, and it had been raining, my worries about the cold, wet, and safety vanished.  The bat was well maintained, professionally handled, and had a large enclosed lower deck, which could be heated, or air-conditioned as needed, though today everyone chose to climb to the open bridge deck above.  A basic safety briefing before we left the dock, and clear statement of the Captain’s rules enhanced my comfort.

The tour guide was a commercial fisherman who owned her own boat, and had been both a lobsterman and a sword fishing boat captain for years.  Her lecture was accessible, and informative, but never condescending.  She presented many interesting facts about regional history, fishing, and conservation about the animals to be found in the sea around Boothbay Harbor.

I was surprised that we began seeing wildlife almost as soon as we left the dock – harbor seals, looking like swimming black Labradors, and small porpoises.  We followed the trek of an exhausted pigeon, which had apparently taken a nap in the lifeboat atop the bridge, awakening to find itself too far from shore to fly home, yet too afraid of the people aboard to land for many miles.  (It finally did.)

The cost of running Pink Lady’s powerful diesels must be phenomenal, yet the generosity of this nearly four-hour experience amazed me.  Using state of the art electronics, our captain took us nearly thirty miles offshore.  There was always something to learn from our guide as she encouraged us to watch the water for disturbances.

Rather than a random search, our course led us to spout after spout, though we had the excitement of feeling that we had spotted the whales.  One big thrill came from the relatively rate sighting of a whale-sized basking shark, a baleen filter feeder.  Its hug multicolored snot lay about six feet from our side at one point.  We did not appear to upset the animals we saw.  Huge greyhounds of the sea, finback whales, comprised the rest of our sightings that day.  We learned to recognize individuals (one with a deeply nicked fin was known to our laconic captain as “LunchJ, and can now distinguish between a surface breathing posture to be followed by a short dive, and the high back arc which precedes a deep dive, over a much longer time and distance.  The sound of their abrupt “blows” will stay in my memory.

We agreed that the trip had been more and better than expected – I was especially delighted, because I, as a sailor, had seen whales before, but never so intimately, not with such a high level of comfort and safety.

Chaplin, CT

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